You are currently viewing Samsung Apple in danger. Pablo Escobar’s brother reveals Escobar Fold 1

Samsung Apple in danger. Pablo Escobar’s brother reveals Escobar Fold 1

Samsung Apple in danger. Pablo Escobar’s brother reveals Escobar Fold One

Up to the present time, high-profile companies like Samsung, Huawei, and Motorola have long been known as Foldable technology smartphone makers. All of a sudden, Roberto Escobar, the wealthy brother of Pablo Escobar of Columbia, has brought a foldable smartphone from their family organization. Although this wealthy family is universally recognized as the drug monarch of Colombia. The first smartphone model Of their mobile company is named as ‘Escobar Fold 1′.


The published price of this modern foldable smartphone will initially start from $349. And a ‘Cover’ will be willingly offered free of charge with the device running on the Android 9 operating system. Moreover, potential buyers will be able to get free ‘shipping’ service. – News Source Indian media IANS and PC Mag along with other multiple technology sites.

Technical Specifications

Notably, the Foldable Smartphone made by Escobar Corporation has remarkably a 2.8 GHz 64-bit octa-core snapdragon 8-Series mobile chip as the mobile processor. In addition, this mobile device has proportionately Qualcomm Adreno 640 GPU with a 7.8-inch flexible 1920 x 1444 AMOLED FHD+ display.Samsung Apple in danger fot this Foldable Smartphone

Most importantly in the extensive Camera section, this Smartphone assuredly has 16 Megapixels f/1.8 + 20 Megapixels f/1.8 for Both Selfie & Back Photos. And Dual LED Flash with Optical Image Stabilization.

Escobar Fold 1 has lots of sophisticated sensors like Fingerprint, Ambient Light, Proximity, Accelerometer, Multi-axis gyro, Compass, Hall effect sensor, and Barometer. This premium smartphone will be powered with A Non-Removable 4,000 mAh Lithium-Polymer along with Fast Charging and USB Type-C.

In fact, there will be a total of two viable options for potential buyers to choose the smartphone model. The first standard model typically has a 128 GB of internal storage, with 6GB of memory. And the ultimate price of the smartphone model is exactly $349. Simultaneously, the second smartphone model has 512GB of storage with 8 GB of memory. And it will cost around $499.

Samsung Apple in Danger

In conclusion, Roberto Escobar personally believes he will be capable to beat fiercely US tech-giant Apple. With this intention, Roberto candidly told the tech-site Digital Trends.

“I have prominently mentioned many times that I will defeat Apple and I will do it. Defeating Apple is my ultimate goal. And I will do it all alone as always

Also, he said,

I have progressively eliminated network service providers and authorized retailers so that buyers can easily purchase foldable phones for $349. But when you ordinarily, go to the store you may see Samsung and others are promoting this specific type of modern smartphone for thousands of dollars.

That is to say, the US tech-giant Apple recently reaches the trillion-dollar milestone in July 2019. And numerous fans around the modern world continuously keep a close eye on every innovative product genuinely made by Apple.
Where Roberto Escobar‘s wealthy brother ‘Pablo Escobar‘ is popularly known as the Colombian drug emperor. He was shot dead by local law enforcement officers on December 2, 1993.
However, earnest people are now capable of collecting this modern Foldable Smartphone from the official Escobar Corporation website since December 2, 2019.

Meanwhile, it is not yet known how durable the affordable smartphone is. So, PC Mag advised staying away from the smartphone.

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