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Ring Always Home Cam: Amazon’s Unconventional Home Drone

US E-commerce giant company Amazon has unveiled a small drone named “Ring Always Home Cam” that will fly & capture video inside the house.

In 2013, Amazon chief Jeff Bezos promised that drones would soon fly everywhere, delivering goods. But no one could have imagined the drone would collect video footage inside the house. Amazon’s Ring Division unveiled a security drone named ‘Ring Always Home Cam’ on Thursday.

The New York Times reports that the manufacturer claims the drone will videotape everything inside the house for safety. And the market price of this small drone will be 249 US dollars.
Besides, Amazon also unveiled a new eco device, a cloud gaming service called Luna, and other products at Thursday’s event. Among the new products, the drone may be the eye.

As seen in the campaign video, a thief broke into the house, the drone flew straight and made a video of him. And the owner of the house watching this footage on his mobile, although there was enthusiasm about the drone, it may not have been as expected by Amazon.

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Walt Mossberg, a technology product reviewer and member of the nonprofit News Literacy Project Board, said in a tweet:

“In a country where there is no law on digital privacy, it is insane to buy this product from an organization whose privacy has been questioned before.”

Meanwhile, The ring, claims the drone will be used to verify whether the homeowner has left the stove or the window opens. And the company has promised that it will only just make videos while flying. It will hum as it flies to show that it is making a video.

Another customer tweeted,

“A drone connected to the Internet for an Amazon-owned home, it would not be a ‘nightmare of privacy’ at all.”

“A terrible step towards future technology?” 

Said another Twitter subscriber.

Dave Limp, executive director of Amazon Devices said the company has considerable investments in camera security, such as two-tier verification systems and end-to-end encryption. This year, Amazon will unveil these technologies for the camera. 

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