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New Facebook Messenger is coming! will be faster and smaller in size.

Facebook authorities are genuinely trying to make Messenger easier and user-friendly. Most compelling evidence, they are removing the Discover Tag thoughtfully from Messenger with the recent design. Even if, in the current version Facebook allows various chatbots to instantly add to Messenger with that tab. However Facebook announced about the upcoming change to its messenger app in August 2019. Graciously according to the tech website, TechCrunch the fundamental change to Messenger could typically begin next week.

In 2018, Facebook announced some fundamental changes to its official Messenger app. Most compelling evidence, The ‘Do Everything‘ design philosophy is carefully added to make the official Messenger app easier and more rugged. The longtime head of that specific department, “David Marcus” was behind the ambitious design. And, he is presently the devoted head of Facebook’s blockchain division. The responsible department is proactively working with Facebook’s Virtual Currency “Libra“.

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Currently, the official messenger app is getting back to the social mainstream under the Vice President “Stan Chednovsky” of the Facebook Messenger Department. From now on, all business-centric content will be cautiously extracted from the official Messenger app. Suitable material or specific content that dedicated users do not like or services people do not use will no longer be in Messenger. It will only refer to potential subscribers as a service platform of text Messenger.Facebook Messenger

In particular with the new design, Facebook planing to feature prominently a specific section called ‘People’ in their New messenger app. So, the new Facebook Stories will be displayed properly in a large square box. Also, the active list of the most frequently contacted contacts or those who are online will be prominently displayed a better view.

Facebook authorities said that the recent design will be made cleaner and easy to operate efficiently. Additionally, the messenger app will not be filled with unnecessary features that sufficiently reduce user attraction.

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