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Founders desist and Pichai led by Alphabet.

Founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin are desisting from the official charge of managing Alphabet, Google’s parent company. They announced that they would step down from the key position of CEO and president of the leading company.

Founders desist and Pichai led by Alphabet:

Page and Brin will remain board members of the company even after voluntarily leaving the office. Alphabet will take take over by Sundar Pichai as CEO — with Google under the new framework — Source BBC News.

The two technology giants announced on Tuesday that they would suddenly leave Alphabet. Both are now 46 years old.

Earlier, Alphabet was intentionally created in 2015 as part of Google’s commercial infrastructure restructuring. And, at the very beginning, Page and Brin founded Google as a research project at the University in 1998.

As a parent company, Alphabet’s ultimate goal was to make the activity more “clean and accountable” of this technology giant organization. The possible scope of this leading organization has undoubtedly increased in other sectors like from an internet search engine to a self-driven automobile.

In a joint letter from two Google co-founders,

“they will still have active participation as active board members, shareholders, and co-founders”, but “it is time to simplify our management structure.”

We have never been one who wants to hold office even after having a good way of running an organization. And Alphabet and Google now have two CEOs and no practical need for a president.

Page and Brin also said,

“Now is the proper time to act appropriately as a proud parent rather than to whimpering about the little things of the day. And there is no one better than Mr. Pichai to lead the leading organization into the future.”

The 47-year-old Pichai was born in India, where he studied engineering. After satisfactorily completing his studies at Stanford University and the University of Pennsylvania in the United States, he joined Google in 2004.

In an exclusive statement, Pichai prominently mentioned he was “thrilled” about the change. He also paid tribute to Page and Brin.

“The legendary founders gave us a great opportunity to make an impact in the modern world. Thanks to them, we are constantly in a culture of exploration and a culture of mutual support and exploration, which makes it even more exciting for us to come to work every day.”

This is the first time since the founding of Google that the first official response has changed. This time the first Brin and Page are no longer in important management positions in their own founding company.

For quite some time, however, the unstable situation had been going this way. As a leading spokesperson for the organization, Pichai was coming forward. With that, it may be said in a slightly insignificant way that YouTube chief Susan Ozaki was in this pipeline. However, today’s official announcement made it clear that Page-Brin is no longer running the leading company.

However, their superior ability in the recognized organization has not diminished with the discharge of management responsibilities. Still, they are holdings 51 percent of the voting rights of Alphabet board. In the true sense Page and Brin taking responsibility as “proud parents” of the leading organization.

However, if necessary, the two co-founders can instantly change any key decision made by Pichai. From then on, it is probably more than the ultimate responsibility of the potential parents of the grown child. And in this case, it’s just enough for Page-Brin to say –

“Because, that’s what we want.”

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