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Cyborg to gain a better life, Do People are willing to be or not?

According to a Kaspersky survey, Two-thirds of people in Western European-led countries agree to consider adding technology to the human body, like Cyborg to gain a better life and better health.

As the whole world moves towards the technology revolution. The people leading the way say that technology will improve every part of human life. Kaspersky‘s survey regarding Cyborg to gain a better life involved 14,000 concerned people from 16 countries. And, according to Routers, 16 countries include Britain, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain.

In fact, eighty-three percent of those surveyed said they would consider adding technology to their bodies to have a better life. However, The results vary. Inconsistent results have come from different places in Europe.

After all, people in Britain, France, and Switzerland have given the fewest verdicts in favor of adding technology. Across In Britain, 25 percent, France 32 percent and Switzerland 38 percentages voted in favor of technology addition.

At the same time, residents of Spain and Portugal are most sympathetic to the controversial addition of sensitive technology. And, eighty percent of participants in both countries said they would consider it.

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Marco Prass, European director of global research and analysis at Kaspersky, a Moscow-based cybersecurity firm said,

“Artificial insemination is one of the most significant trends in the world right now,” 

“Additional enthusiasts are already testing what is possible. But we need to have a universal standard to reduce risk and ensure the full potential of the addition.”

US billionaire Elon Musk showed the world last month by placing a coin-shaped computer chip on the head of a pig named Gertrude. And he predicted that a similar chip would be placed on the human body in the future.

According to a Kaspersky survey, most non-recipients expect such technological additions to working for human well-being. Many have also expressed concern that it will harm society and that hackers will take advantage of it.

According to the survey, most of the participants think that only the rich will get the opportunity to use such expensive technology.

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